10 Tried and Tested Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss

By the time you are here reading our blog on how to lose weight fast without going to the gym, you must have tried end number of ways to lose weight quickly including exercise but still end up hopeless. Well, worry not! We have got your back. We will be giving you the simplest of the weight loss tips that need no exercise.

The secret to losing weight is not through expensive gym memberships, crash diets, or hours of cardio. It’s through your diet. 

Diet is the most important factor when it comes to losing weight – in fact, it’s the only factor that really matters when it comes to actually burning calories and gaining muscle mass

The problem with most people who want to lose weight is that they focus on physical activity instead of diet. They think that if they go to the gym, then they’ll be skinny and healthy. This is not true. 

You can work out as much as you want, but if you’re eating unhealthy foods and getting a lot of bad fats, your body will still end up being big and strong.

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Tips to lose weight fast without hitting the gym

If you really want to lose weight fast without having to hit the gym every day, then follow these steps:

  1. Try alternate day fasting – In the old golden days, people used to be healthier and fitter than we are today. Ever wondered what was so special about them for keeping so healthy and fit? Well, it was their lifestyle – the food intake, the timetable for everything and much more. They used to have a standard set for their eating patterns. There were those fasting days when they were either on a complete fast or only on fruits. So, the same can be followed now as well. You can try alternate day fasting where you can either go for a fasting for a whole day or you can skip a meal of the day and consume more fruits.
  2. Get enough sleep: Sleep has a vital role to play here. When we sleep, our body gets enough time to repair and heal. If you are often sleep deprived, you may notice weight gain and other health challenges. Not getting enough sleep interferes with your hormones and imbalances the natural working of your body. On the contrary, if you sleep for more than required hours, that can also lead to weight gain because you are resting and eating more calories than you are burning. As an adult, you should get at least 7-8 hour of sleep. So, you should sleep enough number of hours to lose weight fast.
  3. Lower your sugar intake – Sugar is believed to be the enemy to your body. If the sugar level gets high in your body, you are likely to put on weight and it becomes difficult to control or lose weight. Therefore, you should watch your sugar intake.
  4. Cut out sodas: Sodas are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners that will cause your body to store extra calories as fats, which leads to weight gain over time.
  5. Get rid of all junk food: If you have a bad diet, then you will find that you gain weight faster than normal. Get rid of all junk food from your diet and try to only eat natural foods as much as possible. This will help you in boosting your metabolism and make you lose weight fast.
  6. Don’t drink coffee or soda at night (yes, even if you’re a morning person): Drinking coffee or soda at night will cause your body to hold more water, which will cause you to gain weight.
  7. Buy a scale that is accurate: If you don’t know how much weight you gain each day, then it will be very hard for you to know if and when you’re actually getting the results that you want for yourself. The best way to lose weight is to get a body fat caliper and use that thing every day. Body fat measures your percentage of fat and muscle so that you can see what your progress has been like this far.

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